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GEO DYNAMICS ARABIA is led by high caliber and recognized professionals with proven experience in GCC.

GEO DYNAMICS ARABIA was founded in Jeddah, KSA to provide both governmental and private construction sectors with high Quality and Responsible Services in the fields of geotechnical studies, construction materials testing, quality control and quality assurance, deep foundations conformity testing, assessment of existing structures, roads, bridges, quality control on concrete and asphalt plants and inspection and testing of steel. In GEO DYNAMICS Arabia, We are committed to provide our clients with best scientific solutions for their technical problems in the fields of our expertise; therefore, we employed high caliber professionals with long experience in GCC.

We consider the Safety of our Staff and our Clients as major priority, therefore we identified the Safety and Health Hazards of our operations, conducted risk assessments and prepared safety procedures which were conveyed to every employee.

We did not only invest in our valuable technical Staff, but we also provided them with the State of the Art facilities, enabling produce high quality, accurate and reliable test results meeting the expectations of our Clients.

We, recognize that in our field of activities all operations has to be systemized , therefore we incorporated the requirements of the latest edition of ISO 9001 " Quality Management" i n our system . In Addition, we are one of the few companies in our field registered by the Saudi Council of Engineers under the license Number 131.