Geotechnical Studies

GDA provides full range of site explorations and geotechnical studies including planning, field & laboratory sampling and testing, develop analysis and much more.

One of our fields of expertise is conducting geotechnical explorations and studies for all types of projects for governmental, oil & gas and private sectors. We understand that the quality and reliability of our findings, analysis and recommendations are the major factors in the design of a SAFE and COST EFFECTIVE foundations, therefore all our efforts were focused on engaging well trained and experienced manpower, using modern equipment, matching with international standards and codes and adapting total quality management system (TQM) to guarantee that all our operations are standardized, monitored, regularly audited ( internally and externally )and analyzed for continual improvement.

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  • Site Drilling :

  • Our modern Drill Rigs are capable to reach a depth exceeding 100 meters below the ground level, regardless of the soil/rock strata. We are using various drilling techniques, giving us flexibility choosing the right method for each project site.

    • Hollow Stem Auger Drilling.
    • Percussion Drilling.
    • Rotary wash boring drilling.
    • Coring using single and double tube core barrels.

  • Field testing & sampling including :

    • Standard Penetration Testing (SPT).
    • Obtaining undisturbed soil samples using Shelby tube.
    • Obtaining core samples.
    • Permeability testing by single or double packers.
    • Pressure meter testing (PMT).
    • Installation of stand pipe piezometers.
    • Measuring water table, temperature, pore water pressure, water quality, either manually or using instrumented piezometers.
    • Cone Penetration testing (CPT), using static piezoelectric cone.
    • Surface infiltration.

  • Laboratory Testing :

  • Laboratory testing are carried out on disturbed and undisturbed intact soil and rock samples

    • Unconfined compressive strength
    • Modulus of Elasticity
    • Direct shear Strength test
    • Consolidation test
    • Soil classification tests
    • Chemical classification tests
    • Permeability tests
    • Physical tests

  • Developing Analysis Recommendations :

  • Comprehensive reports containing factual information of all obtained field and laboratory findings, measurements & classifications in addition to Interpretation of the findings, depending on the project nature are prepared.

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