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Our technical teams are ready to engage their intensive experience in this field, by designing and performing a technical and cost effective survey / testing plans of your building, bridge, jetty, pipeline, etc. Also, provide you with a detailed reports and if required a detailed repair methodology.

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Special Studies & Monitoring:

GDA is not only a Testing Agency, but also we consider ourselves Consulting Engineering Company in the fields of structural assessments of buildings, bridges, ports, highways and pipelines. Our expertise is covering both reinforced concrete and steel structures, in addition to fine knowledge of bituminous mixtures and compacted asphalt layers behavior and problems.

Structural Assessment:

  • Visual Inspection, including identification of all defects, like cracks, sagging, Signs of steel corrosion, wet spots…etc.
  • Programming of the study, using the visual inspection results.
  • Non-Destructive Testing (Reinforced Concrete Elements):
  • Structural Loading tests on slabs, bridges, Beams…etc.,
  • Cover to reinforcement by using electromagnetic cover meters,
  • Coating thickness using thickness gages and microscopes,
  • Coating bonding strength using pull off testers,
  • Steel corrosion survey using Electro half-Cell potential technique.
  • Steel corrosion using corrosion rate metes,
  • Steel corrosion using electrical resistivity techniques,
  • Concrete uniformity and strength using Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity Technique,
  • Concrete Strength using Schmidt Hammer ,
  • In-Situ water permeability
  • Destructive Testing ( Reinforced Concrete Elements):
  • Drilling and obtaining concrete core specimens of various diameters for various testing purposes,
  • Compressive strength of core specimens,
  • Water Permeability on concrete core,
  • Rapid Chloride Testing on concrete core,
  • Petrographic analysis on concrete core,
  • Cement content, water/cement ratio on concrete core,
  • Chloride content Profile on concrete core,
  • Sulphate content profile on concrete core,
  • Opening Witness points.
  • Installation Monitoring Instruments ( see monitoring section)
  • Steel Structures:
  • Hardness testing,
  • Magnetic Particle inspection (MPI),
  • Eddie Current ,
  • Ultrasonic Testing,
  • Coating Thickness,
  • Coating Continuity,
  • Coating bonding strength.

Assessment of Concrete & Asphalt Pavements:

  Our services includes:

  • Performing Pavement Condition inspections (PCI),
  • Studies to identify the root cause of the defected concrete or asphalt layers by :
  • Trial pitting
  • Obtaining slab samples from asphalt layers for conformity testing,
  • Obtaining core samples for air degree of compaction & air voids ,
  • Conducting deflections analysis using deflect meter


The following presents some our monitoring services:

  • Pile instrumentation using Sister Bars and load transfer monitoring during the load tests,
  • Bridges , slabs, beams deflection monitoring using  strain transducers, loggers and  thermocouples,
  • Temperature and Maturity monitoring in Mass Concrete using Command Center sensors , which can provide information up to 6 months ,
  • Lateral soil movement by installing and monitoring INCLINOMETERS, either with in-place inclinometers or using manual probes,
  • Water Table fluctuation, pore water pressure, underground water temperature and conductivity by installing instrumented deep piezometers with in hole retrievable piezometer /logger ,or permanent one,
  • Soil layers vertical movement (settlement) by installing settlement gauges of various types,
  • Concrete Cracks monitoring using variety of types of crack meters,
  • Structures tilting using variety of tilt meters,
  • Vibration Monitoring ,
  • Noise Monitoring
  • Air Quality Monitoring (Air pollution parameters)

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